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FAQs & Tips

Tips To Remember

Deep Blue Divers is here for you!

Your local dive shop is the BEST resource for learning more about all things related to the underwater world and underwater sports! Whether you're a novice snorkeler or a seasoned technical diver, we've got information, equipment, and training courses at your disposal! Expand your knowledge and experience by stopping in or contacting us with any questions and let us help you reach your goals!

Practice makes perfect!

Diving in swimming pools between your vacations will not only serve as a temporary reprieve from the noise of daily life, but also drastically improve your buoyancy and comfort underwater. Lucky for you, Fort Wayne boasts two 25-foot deep diving wells (and a variety of rental equipment) just for scuba divers!! Come on in and brush up on your skills, or take advantage of a Scuba Refresher Course with a scuba instructor if you'd like some guidance!

Practice with your gear "top-side" prior to your trip to develop comfort, confidence, and muscle memory with your equipment. This will improve your diving and snorkeling experiences by allowing you to spend your time beneath the surface enjoying the scenery! Over time, by developing muscle memory, you will be able to successfully operate your equipment without even looking at it, leaving you with only the need to relax and "go with the flow".

Take only pictures, leave only bubbles!

One of the most well-known mottos of the underwater adventure industry helps us keep our world's reefs and dive/snorkel sites in their best condition! It's important to take nothing but pictures and trash from the seascape so that we leave it better than we found it, for future explorers (including you!) to enjoy.

Save the DIYs for home improvement!

Divers are definitely a resourceful bunch, but it's important to remember your (and your buddy's) safety comes first! A quick do-it-yourself gear fix might get you through in a pinch, however the only way to maximize safety, comfort, and overall experience is to always use properly serviced and activity-specific gear; remember, it's your life-support system! Be a good example and always dive and snorkel with properly fitting, working, and serviced equipment!