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LAbor Day

We will be closed on Aug. 30th and will re-open on Sept. 2nd . We hope you and yours have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

(The image above is of Joe Brewster, one of our newest Dive Masters. Be sure to stop in a congratulate him.)

Upcoming Classes



Sept. 24th at 6:00pm


Open Water Class and Pool Sessions:

Sept. 6 - 7

(this is the day we are having our free cookout. Come and do your checkout dives and enjoy the cookout during your surface interval)

Sept. 13 - 14

Sept. 27 - 28


Open Water Quarry

Sept. 6 - 7

Sept. 20 - 21 Gilboa Quarry


 Advanced Open Water:

Sept. 6 - 7

Sept. 20 - 21

There will be five dives total with one being a night dive (awesome) on Saturday and then a "deep" dive starting off first thing on Sunday


Next Class

Sept. 6-7

(when we are also having our cookout at Whitestar Quarry so come join the fun)

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Remember...if you purchase a drysuit from us, you will receive a FREE Drysuit class...a $195 savings.

Deep Blue Divers is now a dealer for one of the best tech diving computers on the market...the Shearwater Petrel.

For those unfamiliar with this product it is uber-user friendly, has a ton of features, a vibrant display that can be seen clearly in daylight or in darkness and accepts any AA battery.

Stop in to check them out...



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text your email address to "DiveNow" at 22828

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Sept cookout

Cozumel Meet & Greet Date and Time

Coz meet







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